Windshield Replacement Safety

Use CautionThe windshield in your vehicle is recognized by the federal government as a safety device, much like your seat belts. Your vehicle's windshield protects the occupants from flying debris in the event of an accident, provides resistance for the deployment of the passenger side air bag, and adds structural integrity to the roof of your vehicle during a rollover accident. In order to perform correctly, your new windshield must be installed by a trained windshield replacement technician.

The windshield replacement technicians at NEI Glass undergo annual training to keep up with all the changes in windshield replacement "best practices" and learn to recognize potential problems before the glass is installed. Once your old windshield is removed, your installer will inspect the opening for rust, debris, corrosion, or other damage that could cause your new windshield to fail. At NEI Glass, it is our policy to NEVER install a windshield that is not 100% safe.

One last consideration for the safety of your new windshield is the adhesive used to secure the glass to the frame of your vehicle. The manufacturer of our windshield adhesive has set a Safe Drive Away Time of one (1) hour for the adhesive to cure under normal conditions. This means you are not able to drive your vehicle for one hour to allow the adhesive to cure properly. Under extremely cold conditions, this time may need to be extended.