Framed Glass Shower Enclosures

Framed Shower EnclosureFramed shower enclosures from NEI Glass can be configured to fit in nearly any space, no matter how small. Framed glass also makes for beautiful custom doors for your shower area. Our huge selection of glass colors and textures will guarantee you find the perfect type of glass for your space. Frameless shower enclosures require much more expensive glass than framed enclosures. For this reason, framed shower enclosures are often less costly to install.

When glass shower enclosures first came on the scene, they were framed shower enclosures. The frame served two purposes: support the weight of the glass and provide a water tight seal between the glass and the surround walls and floors. Over time, these seals can break down and cause leaks around your enclosure. When this happens, NEI Glass is here to help. Our shower enclosure installers take extra care in resealing framed showers to ensure no glass is damaged in the process.

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