Insulated Window Installation

Insulated Home WindowsNEI Glass provides installation services for the windows in your home. Our professional insulated window installers are ready to tackle any size job including installation for homes still under construction! We offer a huge variety of shapes and size for your home windows from picture and bay windows to standard dual-pane, double hung windows.

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Your home's insulated windows, often referred to as double pane windows, could be letting in more than sunlight and fresh air. Over time, the seals in your windows can degrade and allow winter cold, summer heat, and water into your home. It only takes a few poorly sealed windows to have a big impact on your heating and cooling costs. Call NEI Glass today at (260) 665-1914 to keep your home's windows performing at their best.

Insulated Glass Means More Than Windows

The windows are not the only examples of insulated glass in your home, although they are the most common. Other examples of insulated glass include your sliding patio door and the windows in your exterior doors. These other examples of insulated glass work on the same principles as your dual-pane windows; they provide a buffer of air between the inside and outside of your home to keep the inside comfortable.

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